Chalkwork icons consist of 9 icon sets (over 2500) of professionally designed web icons for personal or commercial use (see licensing details). So whether you are looking for information about how to create your own website, or to design software than needs icons, the Chalkwork icons could be just what you are looking for.

This website was built as a tribute to the original ChalkWork icon sets. Even though the designer decided to discontinue this website, we felt that the ChalkWork Icons deserved to keep their home on the internet so we put this website together.

The original icon sets are now available for free (for personal use) under a Creative Commons license and for a small fee for commercial uses, please follow the links on each logoset page to the designers website where you can download the full sets, and arrange commercial license if required.

Thanks for visiting, we hope you get as much out of these icons as we have over the years.

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